Acupuncture Treatments

Each Acupuncture treatment is $99. 

Packages: Buy a series of 5 for $425 and save $70. or purchase a series of 10 for $800 and save $199.

We do not take insurance but if you would be glad to fill out a super bill for you to submit to them.  We can charge a Health Savings Card


An Acupuncture treatment will always consist of needles on both sides of the body to bring balance but if you need cupping or moxibustion they will be done too. during that hour with no extra charge.  It will help with the pain and you will feel rejuvenated.

1 hour 

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Acupuncture with a Chakra balancing

When one has cancer the chakras (in Indian thought) each of the 7 centers of spiritual power in the human body, usual are out of balance so we do an acupuncture treatment but at the end we put a needle into each of the chakras  while you listen to a chakra clearing meditation.   It is very powerful and you have an inner sense of balance.

$120. 1 hr

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Acupuncture Facelift

If the chemo and the radiation dried out your skin and you would like to bring it back you might want to try an acupuncture facelift.  We do needles in the body to address the whole body dryness and then we put needles into the face to stimulate the collagen and elastin to soften the fine lines and wrinkles.  You will get a facial cleanse, facial massage and a hydrating mask that will soften the skin and the fine lines.  You will feel 2 years younger.

$150. 1hour1/2

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Acupuncture with Facial

If you want an acupuncture treatment with some pampering than you might want to consider this treatment.  You will get an acupuncture treatment on the body and while the needles are working you will get your face cleansed, massaged and a collagen fleece of pure moisture will be put on at the end to soften the fine lines and wrinkles. Do this treatment if you are still going through chemo and radiation.  You can do the acupuncture facelift after all your treatements are done.

$105. 1 hour

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Acupuncture with Meditation "Slave Girl to Empress"

This is a series of treatments that will break any negative thought patterns that you are having trouble breaking. 

It is an NAET treatment for breaking negative emotions and then you listen to a meditation with the crystal light to break those stubborn patterns and assists you in realizing you are an Empress from your inner core.

$120. 1hour 1/2

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If you feel cold in some area of your body or you just feel a deep cold all over this treatment can penetrate and break that stubborn cold .  We can do moxa with a stick or we can put it on the needles so it can penetrate deeper.  It is great for sciatica or any kind of pain that is affected by the weather.  It is added to any acupuncture treatment but if you just want to come in for moxa.

$50. 1hour

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B12 Injections

If you are feeling fatigue or you are anemic you can get a series of B12 injections.  You would do once a week until you are not anemic anymore or anytime you feel a deep sense of fatigue

$25. per shot

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This has become popular after this years Olympics.  It helps to get blood circulation to areas that are in pain.  We also use it  to detoxify the body and for colds. It is done with an acupuncture treatment or you can try it alone.

$35. 1/2 hour

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