Healing Group Gatherings

Each gathering will be held at 7 pm and last for 1 hour $10. per person 

All the gathering will be posted on the calendar.  We suggest highly to all our patients that are having treatments to attend the gatherings so they can get the best results.


We will get together once a week to write in our journals some of the issues that we are dealing with.  We will then read them out loud to the group.  This will help to open our throat chakra that gets closed down when we don't speak our truth.  If we swallow our feelings long enough it can affect our thyroid and other glands located in the throat.  Please bring your journal and a pen to write.

Swamp Time

This is where we gather in a safe place to release all the negative emotions that have stuck in our bodies.  We will put on trash bags because we feel like crap on the inside and we will spend 10 minutes in a controlled environment hitting pillows, crying, moving, dancing or whatever you need to do to release those emotions.  You will feel so much better and lighter once you let them go.  

Shedding Cancer

We will get together in a group and wrap ourselves in Saran Wrap and we will then write all the symptoms that we are dealing with like pain, fatigue, constipation, nausea, anger, despair or whatever you are dealing with and then we are going to put on some uplifting music while we cut and rip the Saran Wrap off.  You will feel like a butterfly breaking through its cocoon.  You will feel a lot lighter and a sense of joy that has been missing for awhile.

Move, Shake and get your Groove Back

When you are going through treatment and afterwards you can feel like a part of yourself is gone.  This gathering is for moving, shaking and feeling sexy again in our body.  We will put on some great music and we learn a sexy routine that you can do for yourself or for your significant other.  It is a fun time reconnecting with that part of ourselves that we put on the shelf while we are sick.  Let's bring it back to life.

Brags, Gratitude and Desires

In our culture we admire suffering and when women get together we like to complain and tell people how much we are suffering.  We even give points to the woman who we feel is suffering the most and she wins.  This gathering is to change that habit and to learn how to brag about the good that is going on in your life because we can lift our sisters up when we share our brags, gratitude and desires.  Magical things begin to happen.

Waltz Your Way Back To Health

This is a dance class.  You will learn the basic steps for the waltz and you will then be twirled around the dance floor by an experienced male dancer.  He will lead you around the dance floor while you get to just relax and enjoy somebody else being in charge for a few moments.  It will take your mind off the pain and you will feel like a queen. 

This class will be $20. per person

How To Grow Wheat Grass and other Sprouts

If you have finished chemo and are wanting to clean your body than the best thing you can do is to juice pure wheatgrass or to juice sprouts like sunflower sprouts, buckwheat sprouts and pea sprouts.  Sprouts are the the most nutrient dense foods on the planet so the more you can add them to your diet the more they will benefit your whole body.

Jade Egg Classes

This is an Ancient Chinese Secret to help alleviate the dryness and atrophy of the vagina.  You will learn how to use one and the exercises you can do to get your vagina to come back better than before.  Please purchase your Jade Egg before coming to this class at "Saida Desilet.com" She has the purest jade and you want jade and not quartz because jade is the most nourishing, cooling and yin stone that exists.  The Empresses and Concubines of the Forbidden City knew the benefits of using the Jade Egg.  It is now time for us to know it too.