$75. per treatment

Best package offer: Buy a series of 6 for $420 and save $30. Buy a series of 10 for $650. and save $100.

Many of us have minor allergies to foods that cause minor inflammation in the body when we eat them.  The problem is we might have a minor allergy to something like eggs.  We don't have a severe allergy so it goes unnoticed but maybe then one day you decide to have an egg sandwich with mayonnaise that has egg in it and decide to have a custard for dessert that also has egg in it.  Afterwards you feel tired and your stomach is hurting or you have gas and you don't understand what happened.  You might chalk it up to something that you ate but then after it passes you forget about it.  NAET helps to get rid of all these minor allergies so that the body can concentrate on healing.  Once you have broken the allergy you will have more energy, your digestion will be a lot better and you will stop getting that tired feeling after eating.  

This treatment does not involve a series of shots.  All it entails is for you to book an appointment for NAET.  We will begin by clearing the basic 12 items that most people are allergic to.  You will hold a vial of the substance in your hand while I do an acupuncture treatment on you.  The hard part is that you will have to remove the item from your house for 25 hours before you can reintroduce it.  We give our patients a sheet of the items so that they are prepared and don't have to worry about clearing their house after the treatment.   For some people they will have a complete clearing of that item in just one time with others it might take a few treatments before it finally breaks.  It is recommended on the items that are difficult to break that you introduce them slowly and eat them sparingly after the treatment.  If you start eating them every day again then the allergy will come back.

Sometimes we have emotions that we try to deal with but they seem stuck.  We can clear them with NAET.